Best Whipped Cream Dispenser 2018

Whipped cream is an excellent addition to your morning coffee or your dinner dessert. Thanks to the invention of the whipped cream dispenser, you no longer have to settle with the limited options of premade whipped cream at your local supermarket. Instead, you can now quickly create high-quality homemade whipped cream with your favorite recipes!

Having tested many different whipped cream dispensers available on the market, we realize that the quality of your homemade whipped cream heavily depends on not only the recipe but also the quality of the dispenser itself.

We have consolidated a list of top performing whipped cream dispensers available for sale on Amazon. Let’s dive right in to see which one best fits your needs!

Note: We only list the top performing dispensers. There are many more options available online and at your local stores.

1. Thermal Kitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser
2. The Classic Kitchen Dispenser
3. Creamissimo Dispenser
4. iSi 163001 Profi
5. ZOEMO Professional Grade Aluminum
6. Parateck Professional
7. ICO Professional Dispenser
8. EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream
9. MOBRIGHT Aluminum Whipped Dispenser
10. Otis Dispenser Stainless Steel

1. Thermal Kitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser – The best value for quality whipped cream dispenser

Both professionals and home cooks are very fond of the Thermal Kitchen Dispenser. This product is the latest version of whipped cream dispenser on the market. It incorporates the most recent improvements to enhance safety and cream quality. What is it exactly that makes this the product of choice for many people?

The Good:

  • High-quality full Aluminium body and head
  • Fair price – with the value that it provides, the product is undeniably a bargain.
  • Safety features – Being that latest product on the market, Thermal Kitchen Dispenser has reinforced the cream delivery valve and canister head
  • Extremely¬†consistent cream quality
  • Safety features – Being that latest product on the market, Thermal Kitchen Dispenser has reinforced the cream delivery valve and canister head
  • 1-year replacement warranty – by far the safest option if you choose to buy

The Bad:

  • The Thermal Kitchen brand currently only sells on Amazon, so you can’t get it from anywhere else

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2. The Classic Kitchen Dispenser – The easiest to use whipped cream dispenser

If you are a first time user or if you look for a dispenser that is easy to work with, The Classic Kitchen Dispenser is my top choice for you.

The Good:

  • Instructions and recipe included inside – First-timers will have an easy time operating this gadget
  • Easy to clean – we all know that cleaning dispensers are tricky sometimes. This product is designed for effortless and efficient cleaning.
  • Max fill line printed on the canister makes it simple for measuring

The Bad:

  • Gas leaks – the dispenser does not do a good job transmitting N2O gas from the charger to the canister
  • Sharp edges near the delivery valve – you need to be careful while handling this product

3. Creamissimo Dispenser

If you look for a dispenser that is versatile and looks good, Creamissimo is definitely the right product for you.

The Good:

  • The product has 3 stainless steel nozzles, which gives the dispenser beautiful metallic look
  • Dual head cleaning brush included for easy cleaning
  • This is a versatile product that can be used for any occasion

The Bad:

  • The cartridge piercer is not sharp enough, so it takes quite a bit of effort to penetrate the N2O chargers
  • No recipe included, so you will not know which recipe works best for this type of dispenser
  • A bit expensive for the value offered